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Meet the Kologik Public Safety Platform

Kologik software is purpose-built for public safety. Thanks to regular input from our customers, we’re always evolving our products to ensure public safety has easy-to-use, right-size tools that enable you to do your job better, faster and more safely.


The Kologik Public Safety Platform

Website-home-copsync COPsync-icon COPSYNCReal-time information sharing from the point of incident makes it simple for officers and administrators to exchange data.
Website-home-CAD CAD-icon Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)A powerful and easy-to-use multi-agency dispatch solution for police, sheriff, fire, rescue and EMS departments
Website-home-RMS RMS-icon Records Management System (RMS)Easily record, store and manage data for your dispatchers, officers, first responders and investigators.
Website-home-JMS JMS-icon Jail Management System (JMS)This comprehensive solution provides both inmate and facility management in one simple, intuitive package.

Statewide Systems

Automated Arrest AffidavitThere’s a better way to prepare arrest reports—one that saves you time and improves accuracy.
Computerized Criminal HistoryInstantly access criminal history records from hundreds of external agencies, courts, and correctional institutions.
“Our agency has been with Kologik for over a year now. As with any software change in an agency, it has not been an overnight adjustment. Having switched in the midst of a pandemic, we struggled with training and adapting to the software. We found that Kologik has been able to help through every step of the way. They have worked to address any issues or concerns promptly and continue to strive to meet our needs as an agency. We have found that while this is a growing company, we still get treated with that quality attentive care that an agency our size needs. We are now considering expanding our Kologik footprint within our agency to fully unlock the potential this system possesses.”
Asst Chief Coty Stroman Headshot-01
Assistant Chief Cory StromanSweetwater Police Department (TX)


Kologik software is purpose-built for small and medium-sized law enforcement departments to ensure you have the information you need to keep your officers and community safe.