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Matt Chism

Vice President, Sales

Matt Chism – Vice President, Sales

Matt is a passionate Sales Executive with over 20 years of experience building winning teams. His expertise is in creating systems and processes that allow sales professionals to thrive and bring their very best to work each day.  Matt started in business learning directly from one of the greatest business leaders in American History, Dr. Stephen R. Covey. Due to those experiences, he values communication, transparency, and integrity in every interaction, both within his sales organization and with each customer. Matt has had the opportunity to work with leaders at companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Costco,, Starbucks and many others in diverse industries. These companies demand that their employees and partners are focused and organized, helping them see into the future and meet needs before they become critical. This is the foundation of the way he builds sales organizations. Not simply developing sales rep’s, but partners to our customer agencies that bring value in every interaction. The core of who we are at Kologik is empowering our customers with Dynamic Data that ensures faster and safer decisions.

Matt’s mission is building Dynamic Sales Teams that meet customers where they are but are also willing to challenge them to become more for their agency and the communities they serve. Does this type of culture appeal to you? Could you be next for Kologik?