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Chief Operating Officer

Karie is passionate about the customer experience, which has guided her career. She currently manages operations within Kologik. With more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, Karie works to ensure customers have a consistent experience from the sale of a solution to ongoing maintenance and support. 

Prior to joining Kologik, Karie created the Customer Marketing department at Everbridge, which was designed to ensure existing customers get the most out of their purchased solutions and to showcase other software that can impact their ability to better manage critical events. One of Karie’s core strengths is working across departments to ensure effective communication and collaboration. She has worked to build and manage customer service teams, customer success teams, and customer marketing teams to ensure customers receive the support, nurturing, and growth that can ensure their success. 

Karie began her career at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, then started the training and customer service initiatives at the ESP Group, which expanded across multiple organizations, through acquisitions, fostering trust and customer success. As Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Support Center Operations at NC4, she worked to ensure customers received top-tier customer service to enable the effective use and adoption of their solutions in a timely manner.