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A Texas county trades outdated, siloed systems for secure data-sharing technology to enhance officer and community safety.


The Clay County Sheriff’s Department in Texas works to provide effective and professional public safety services for the community with integrity, honor, and compassion. A leader in public safety through innovation, continuous learning, and quality leadership, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department pursues and employs the best trained, equipped, and committed professionals who demonstrate the highest standards of excellence.


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Siloed data management, inefficient processes

Prior to Kologik, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department employed a system that was not cloud- based or user friendly, and that did not operate or connect well with other systems. Data was often undistributed, inaccessible, unorganized, uncategorized, and unmined — making it impossible for systems to talk to each other, and creating disparate workflows. 

Record-keeping was an arduous task, and officers in the field found it cumbersome not to have all data and communication in one place. For example, officers wrote tickets and reports by hand to deliver to the staff inside the office, where they would then enter the tickets into the system manually, and then they would have to hand deliver the tickets to the courts. These inefficient processes impacted job effectiveness and therefore impacted officer safety and community trust.

On top of that, staff had not received the proper training and 24/7 support they needed when they had questions and problems arose.

“Kologik’s solutions have helped us integrate everything into one system. We went from hand-writing tickets and entering those tickets by hand into our system to having everything automatically integrated. This has been a game-changer for us.”  – Sheriff Jeffrey Lyde, Clay County Sheriff’s Office


Kologik’s CAD, JMS, & RMS for streamlined data interoperability

It was word-of-mouth and the fact that every other county around Clay County, Texas used Kologik’s proven technology that made the Department switch from their previous system. Once Kologik technology was implemented for Clay County, data became organized and connected in one easy-to-manage source, providing:

  • Real-time intelligence
  • Convenient access
  • Unprecedented flexibility
  • Efficient workflows
  • Easy-to-use interfaces
  • No confusion


Using Kologik’s CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch), the department was able to reduce response times, increase personnel efficiency, and establish a seamless flow of information between callers, dispatchers, and responding units.

With Kologik’s JMS (Jail Management System), the department began to track all inmate activity and personal property. Their JMS now integrates directly with the county’s RMS to assist with bookings, eliminating duplicate entries.

Because of Kologik’s RMS (Records Management System), incidents and arrests are now entered in the field, and data can be received and updated from the CAD and JMS.

The Department also uses Kologik COPsync for integrated, location-based geo-fenced messaging, arrest and incident reporting, alerts, and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location).

Kologik facilitates faster, more accurate, and more complete reports. In fact, the Clay County Sheriff uses Kologik data every week to update Clay County citizens via live video. This kind of data-driven transparency builds trust in the community, which we know positively correlates to officer and resident safety. These reports allow the Sheriff to convey the following information to residents each week: number of traffic stops, citations, warrants, security checks, arrests, service calls, phone calls to dispatch, miles driven by deputies, jail inmates and average call-to-scene time. Finally, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office receives 24/7 support for any needs or questions. Through technical solutions and trouble-shooting practices, they know they can rely on fast and friendly customer support from Kologik. 


Kologik software is purpose-built for small and medium-sized law enforcement departments to ensure you have the information you need to keep your officers and community safe.