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Real-Time Information-Sharing Within and Across Agencies


COPsync is software that makes lifesaving data available to officers and deputies when and where they need it and enables small and medium-sized agencies to manage daily operations

Information-gathering and sharing at the point of incident
Data entered on-scene is immediately available systemwide to all COPsync network subscribers, no matter where they’re located–even if their agency uses a different records management system. COPsync also auto-saves information when you’re in an area without cell service.

BOLOs and other alerts
Setting up “Be On the Lookout” alerts gives your officers crucial information about warrants and any special needs (such as mental disorders or health issues) before they arrive on scene.

Advanced search functionality to serve officers in the field
Quickly pull up driver’s license, vehicle registration, NCIC, BOLOs and other alerts and data, including non-adjudicated information.

Write, file and manage citations and reports
Use COPsync to create citations as well as incident, offense, crash and monthly NIBRS compliance reports and criminal trespass warnings. The software is customized and updated with the laws and statutes relevant to your state or jurisdiction.

A secure in-car solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Kologik network, CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch), RMS (Records Management System) and JMS (Jail Management System)

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