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Eliminating redundant steps in deputies' workflow, creating more flexibility and efficiency, and improving communication in the field are just a few of the benefits the department has seen since adopting the full Kologik product suite.


Archer County is a rural county in North Texas that borders the Wichita Falls, Texas metropolitan area. Covering a total area of 925 square miles, the county has a population of approximately 10,000. The Archer County Sheriff’s Office serves the law enforcement needs of the county’s eight cities and towns, including Archer City, Holliday, Scotland, Megargel, Lakeside City and Windthorst. 

The Archer County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for running 911 dispatch operations for the entire county, which includes two city police departments, eight fire departments and three EMS/ambulance services. In addition, the department runs a 50-bed county jail. The 45-employee office is led by Sheriff Jack Curd, who oversees 12 full-time deputies, eight part-time deputies and 911 dispatchers, jailers and other staff.


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staff - full and part time deputies


Before adopting the full suite of Kologik solutions, the Archer County Sheriff’s Office was using disparate software tools that didn’t communicate with each other. As a result, deputies had to duplicate work, including entering incident and case record information into multiple systems.

In addition, record-keeping software couldn’t be used on a mobile device and could only be accessed via the local computer network located in the main building of the sheriff’s office. Deputies had no choice but to return to the office to manually enter citation information and incident report data into the computer.  

Serving communities within this relatively large, mostly rural area means that deputies are often on the road for hours before they have an opportunity to return to the office. “Our county is 925 square miles and we may have two or three deputies out in the field at a time,” explains Sheriff Curd. “If a deputy is in the north end of the county and then they get a call to go to the southern end, it might be seven hours before they can get back to the office.”

Overall, the duplication of work created inefficient workflows and wasted valuable time for deputies and other staff.


While COPsync has been Archer County’s in-car solution for information-gathering and data capture at the point of incident since 2012, it wasn’t until late 2021 that the department decided to implement additional Kologik cloud-based products that would not only integrate and communicate with COPsync but also provide more flexibility for staff. Along with COPsync, the Archer County Sheriff’s Office now uses Kologik’s CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch), RMS (Records Management System) and JMS (Jail Management System) since December 2021. 

Chief among the reasons Sheriff Curd chose to add CAD, RMS and JMS was the seamless integration they offered with COPsync and with other software. Together, the platform of products has allowed the department to eliminate redundant steps in its workflows, streamline communication between systems and create more flexibility and efficiency in the department.

COPsync’s ease of use and real-time access to information continue to save time and improve efficiency, adds Curd. “COPsync is one of the best tools out there. [It] is the single biggest improvement in my 20 years in law enforcement because it really does what we need in the field that we were never able to do before.” Particularly important for Archer County has been the ability of the software to keep deputies connected in the field when radio reception is down or unreliable.


Previously, the department depended on a manual, paper-based record system organized only by date. By contrast, cloud-based COPsync immediately updates records and gives deputies the ability to log and edit incident reports and citations while in their car. “Once you get [the report] in there, it’s in there…that is the beauty of it—it is right there, right now,” says Curd. “You don’t have to go back to the station, you don’t have to sit down on another computer… When [the deputies] write it out and they close it, they can go on to the next thing.” 

Similarly, prior to adopting Kologik’s CAD, the Sheriff’s Office relied on spreadsheets for their dispatch logs; it was clear they needed a more efficient system for handling 911 dispatch operations for the county—and one that was interoperable with COPsync.

Kologik’s solutions also allow staff the flexibility of accessing the software from their own computer,  which became particularly critical during the pandemic when deputies needed to file reports when working from home.

Overall, Archer County has seen significant time savings and increased efficiency since adopting the full Kologik public safety platform. “We’ve gotten at least 50% more effective,” estimates Sheriff Curd. “COPsync has given us 50% of our time back.”


Kologik software is purpose-built for small and medium-sized law enforcement departments to ensure you have the information you need to keep your officers and community safe.