Built upon the industry’s premier interoperability solutions technology, KOLOGIK gives law enforcement agencies the power to access and share data by eliminating departmental and bureaucratic barriers. With a single click, you can source real-time information essential to your job effectiveness and personal safety.

 KOLOGIK interoperability networks helped cut San Diego’s 911-response time in half!  Without emergency response, a heart victim’s chance of survival decreases by an alarming 10% per minute.

How It Works

KOLOGIK’s COPsync Mobile puts the power of information at every officer’s fingertips. Working from a license plate number, COPsync Mobile searches hundreds of databases around the country in real-time to merge results and display vehicle registration information, as well as a full criminal background of the vehicle’s owner.

COPsync Mobile’s advanced messaging capabilities allow field officers to communicate more securely, efficiently and effectively via email and instant messaging. The solution allows officers to complete incident, arrest, crash and accident reports, as well as issue citations. COPsync Mobile is equipped with alert messaging for situations requiring immediate assistance (i.e. Hit Confirmation Alerts, BOLOs and Amber Alerts).

This application is covered by multiple patents including but not limited to US 9,047,768 and US 9,641,965.

Product Details



Record the details one time from one place – the scene of the incident. KOLOGIK automated communications tools offer smart solutions for data sharing.


Securely create, share and exchange arrest related electronic documents. All arrest reports created through KOLOGIK are instantly integrated with existing Case and Records Management Systems.

:: Messaging ::

Real-time message officer to officer

Location based geo-fence messaging to allow all officers within a user defined area to communicate directly.

Integration with schools via COPsync911

:: Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) ::

  • Officers can view other units in area

  • Notifications can be sent to specific locations

:: Alerts ::

  • BOLOs

  • Officer created

  • Officer needs assistance


Gain instant access to complete background information from national sources while still in the field. KOLOGIK gives officers quick access to full rap sheets, DMV, mug shots and more.

+ History

Real-time non-adjudicate log of any encounter a person or vehicle may have with law enforcement.

+ Officer Notes

Officers can create notes seen only by other officers.

+ Data Sharing

System Integration - Kologik can connect existing RMS and JMS system to allow officers to view their agency’s data.

Additional Features

  • Single-Keystroke Access to FBI, State ID & Driver's License Numbers

  • CJIS Compliant

  • FIPS 140-2 Encrypted

  • Risk-Based Advanced Authentication

  • Single Sign-On, Single Point of Administration

  • Critical Background Information in Real-Time to Officers in the Field

  • Robust Search Capabilities

  • Dynamic Field Reporting

  • Critical On-Screen Alerts

  • Instant Messaging

  • Silent Distress Alerts

  • Audible Alerts

  • Easy E-Citation Electronic Entry Forms

  • Smart Forms & Plain-Text Field

  • Descriptions on Forms

  • Configurable User Interface

  • Auto-Hit Response

  • Detailed Logging

  • In-Car Mapping

  • Rapid Deployment & Advanced Installation

  • Dynamic Updates

Available Benefits

+ Real Time Data

Access complete criminal profiles, dynamic data analysis and distributed searches instantly from local, state and federal data sources.

+ Easier Access

Integrate with existing systems to deliver quick access to real time criminal justice information and law enforcement.

+ Unprecedented Flexibility

Link disparate operating systems infrastructure, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types, and data sources.

+ Creates Efficient Workflows

Incorporate proven workflow models that help accomplish goals more effectively and in a timely manner.

+ Easy to Use Interfaces

Customize screens to adapt to business needs and individual preference.

+ Eliminates Confusion

Display data in an easy to use and recognizable format.

Additional Benefits

  • Safety

  • Enhances Officer Security and Public Protection

  • Enables More Arrests

  • Improves Data Quality

  • Reduces Radio Traffic and Improves Accuracy of Data

  • Facilitates Faster, More Accurate and More Complete Reports

  • Improves Dispatch Efficiency

  • Speeds Access to Vital Information

  • Cost Effective

  • Higher Conviction Rates

  • Saves Time, Spares Lives

  • Reduces Spending, Increases Revenue

  • Improves Agency Efficiency

  • Dramatically Reduces Errors

  • Seamless Integration