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Campus Safe is a real-time two-way threat-alert patented technology that provides the critical information directly to the closest first responders when a school or municipal building is threatened or under attack. 

How It Works

School personnel activate Campus Safe from their computer, tablet or mobile device, directly alerting and dispatching the nearest five police officers directly to the location of the threat while alerting a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

This application is covered by multiple patents including but not limited to US 9,047,768 and US 9,641,965.

Campus safe- Schools


Campus safe - Law Enforcement



+ Minimizes Response Time

In any emergency, seconds and minutes can mean saved lives.

+ Finds Closest Available Officers

Using patented technology and alert is sent to the five closest officers.

+ Includes 9-1-1 dispatcher

Because 9-1-1 computer runs application, dispatcher is not bypassed.

+ Virtual Chatroom

The virtual chatroom with responding law enforcement, affected Campus Safe users, & 911 dispatch creates a two-way conversation between responders and those involved. This allows for real-time communication of vital information.

+ Uses existing computer, tablets and phones

No need to purchase additional specialized hardware to use the solution.

Additional Features

  • Live connection with threatened building

  • Inform EMS and Fire of threat

  • Unified communication among building and all first responders

  • Automatic mapping of building location

  • Immediate access to building diagram

  • Single or multiple building Reverse Alert

  • Directly alert the closest officers in their patrol cars

  • Communicate live with officers EMS and Fire

  • Get officers on scene 5-7 minutes faster

  • Activate alerts from computer or mobile device

  • Automatic alert notification broadcast to computers and mobile devices