CAD reduces response times, increases personnel efficiency and saves lives by establishing a seamless flow of information between callers, dispatchers and responding units.

How It Works

KOLOGIK’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a multi-agency dispatch solution that provides first responders with a powerful, yet easy to use interface. CAD delivers a solution for seamless information transactions between the caller, dispatcher and units. This functionality reduces response times, increases personnel efficiency and saves lives.


  • Multi-Agency Dispatch Support

  • Phase II Mapping Integration

  • CAD-to-CAD

  • CAD-to-RMS

  • Automated Check-in

    o Warrants

    o Special Needs

    o Location Note

  • Real-time Unit Mapping

  • DMV/CCH (Criminal History) Record Searches

  • Signal based and community alerts

  • Common Place Lookup

  • Protection Order Management Protection

  • Be on The Lookout (BOLO)

  • Color Coded

  • Mobile Data Terminal Integration

  • Location History

  • Sticky Notes

  • Wrecker Log Management

  • Radio Log

  • Contact Management

  • Automated DMV Inquiry from Radio

  • PIAL Compliance

  • Integration with 3rd party 911 phone app

  • Dispatcher and Caller Instructions

Available Benefits

+ Real Time Data

Access complete criminal profiles, dynamic data analysis and distributed searches instantly from local, state and federal data sources.

+ Easier Access

Integrate with existing system to deliver quick access to real time criminal justice information and law enforcement.

+ Unprecedented Flexibility

Link disparate operating systems infrastructure, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types, and data sources.

+ Creates Efficient Workflows

Incorporate proven workflow models that help accomplish goals more effectively, in a timely manner.

+ Easy to Use Interfaces

Customize screens to adapt to business needs and individual preference.

+ Eliminates Confusion

Display data in an easy to use and recognizable format.

Additional Benefits

  • Safety
  • Enhances Officer Security and Public Protection
  • Enables More Arrests
  • Improves Data Quality
  • Reduces Radio Traffic and Improves Accuracy of Data
  • Facilitates Faster, More Accurate and More Complete Reports
  • Improves Dispatch Efficiency
  • Speeds Access to Vital Information
  • Cost Effective 
  • Higher Conviction Rates 
  • Saves Time, Spares Lives
  • Reduces Spending, Increases Revenue
  • Improves Agency Efficiency
  • Dramatically Reduces Errors 
  • Quick to Launch and Implement