KOLOGIK’s affordable system eliminates much of the time and pain associated with preparing arrest reports and ensures that those reports are more complete and accurate than ever before.

How It WorkS

When an officer completes an A-Form using the Mobile Reporting Client (MRC) or a cloud based application and submits it to a supervisor for approval, the A-Form enters the arrest workflow. A-Forms are processed and routed to users configured in the workflow, allowing them to take action on the record.

For example, supervisors only receive A-Forms from officers who are assigned to their shift for the approval process. A-Forms that are rejected for any reason are returned to the arresting officer. The officer must then take corrective action to complete the A-Form. The user and group management module allows for the restriction of rights and data access based on the role of the user, such as access to a juvenile A-Form.  

Once completed, configured users can automatically share the A-Form with all justice agencies, including, but not limited to State Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Corrections Offices, Clerks of Court and other law enforcement agencies.


  • Online and offline A-Form creation, which allows for processing without connectivity

  • Person and vehicle tag information search capability for field auto-population

  • Smart Forms, which capture specific fields based on the type of incident

  • Wizard, which guides officers through the arrest management process and validates each form

  • Electronic Signatures

  • Intelligent routing, which sends reports to appropriate parties for review and approval

  • Electronic markup, which allows supervisors to
    reject reports

  • Compliant with NIBRS and UCR reporting standards

  • Geocoded address validation

  • Seamless integration with Record Management, Jail Management and Case Management Systems

  • Statute Management, which adds and edits statutes, NIBRS and UCR codes

  • Creates arrest reports by officer, date range, 
    agency or statue

  • Displays lists of arrestees being transported to a particular booking location

  • Allows for A-Form viewing and printing in a particular court calendar

  • Bar code creation for arrestee armbands and A-Forms

Available Benefits

+ Real Time Data

Access complete criminal profiles, dynamic data analysis and distributed searches instantly from local, state and federal data sources.

+ Easier Access

Integrate with existing system to deliver quick access to real time criminal justice information and law enforcement.

+ Unprecedented Flexibility

Link disparate operating systems infrastructure, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types, and data sources.

+ Creates Efficient Workflows

Incorporate proven workflow models that help accomplish goals more effectively, in a timely manner.

+ Easy to Use Interfaces

Customize screens to adapt to business needs and individual preference.

+ Eliminates Confusion

Display data in an easy to use and recognizable format.

Additional Benefits

  • Safety
  • Enhances Officer Security and Public Protection
  • Enables More Arrests
  • Improves Data Quality
  • Reduces Radio Traffic and Improves Accuracy of Data
  • Facilitates Faster, More Accurate and More Complete Reports
  • Improves Dispatch Efficiency
  • Cost Effective
  • Speeds Access to Vital Information 
  • Higher Conviction Rates 
  • Saves Time, Spares Lives
  • Improves Agency Efficiency
  • Dramatically Reduces Errors 
  • Seamless Integration