We are passionate about creating new data-sharing technologies that turn ideas into solutions. National and multi-national enterprises consistently acquire smaller, strategic organizations. Acquisitions of this nature make smart business sense but are often much more complicated from the standpoint of information technology. From either perspective, bringing on new data systems and networking them into the enterprise is a technical and financial strain. Patented KOLOGIK technology creates scalable, industry-specific systems that securely share private information with unfiltered access to multi-layered data. 

KOLOGIK has the rare ability to actually link legacy systems into a single, unified network. Very few companies in the world can do that.


Simply put, KOLOGIK solves two types of big-data problems: technical and financial. 


Very few companies or systems in the world can actually link legacy systems into a single, unified network. KOLOGIK can! Whether you operate a Unix, Microsoft or Oracle database, or even a homegrown or old mainframe system, KOLOGIK has the capability of compiling big data from multiple systems into a single, easy-to-manage database. For the user, this means large amounts of existing data can be collected, analyzed and moved across any and all subnetworks.


On the surface, it may seem more logical to simply replace a legacy system than to link multiple disparate systems through a unified network. Dig a little deeper, though, and the cost in human and financial resources can be astronomical. KOLOGIK provides a solution that is both effective and affordable. The use of KOLOGIK technology makes it possible for KOLOGIK to offer big-data clients a less risky, financially sound option to wholesale system replacement. KOLOGIK operates on top of existing legacy systems, meaning users continue to operate as they always have without any downtime.


KOLOGIK is able to develop solutions to fit any need or service. Our highly advanced team can develop solutions custom to your industry or process.