Matt Teague Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Teague joined KOLOGIK as CEO in 2015 after serving as President at FirstCall Network, Inc. for six years. Matt’s leadership in technology resulted in driving profitable growth and enabling operational excellence. He is known for his strong track record of innovative product development, strategic planning and steering successful sales efforts.


Matt’s leadership transformed FirstCall Network, Inc. into a leading provider of SaaS-based critical communications solutions. The FirstCall Network, Inc. emergency notification system is used by U.S. federal and state agencies, local public municipalities, universities, and throughout the private business sector. During mission-critical business events or natural disasters, customers rely on FirstCall Network, Inc. to quickly and reliably deliver mass communication messages to safeguard communities. He has proven leadership managing the implementation of over 500 cloud-based software solutions for municipal, federal, state and business customers on a global scale.