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Interagency planning and cooperation increases safety and efficiency in the field. KOLOGIK tools make coordinating the efforts of multiple agencies effective and seamless, enabling responders to focus on the work at hand while decreasing response times.

 KOLOGIK interoperability networks helped cut San Diego’s 911-response time in half!  Without emergency response, a heart victim’s chance of survival decreases by an alarming 10% per minute.


+ Scalable n-Tier Architecture

KOLOGIK seamlessly integrates with existing databases, records management systems and case management systems. Whether you’re a operating from a single data source or large network, your system can be up and running almost immediately. Each add on will require additional hardware, a KOLOGIK integrator, and minimal customization to bring the new site into the network.

+ Flexible

KOLOGIK’s extensive library of external interfaces gives us the flexibility to link all systems into a unified, cohesive network. Our technology allows you to link existing infrastructure from disparate operating systems, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types and data sources.

+ Secure

Our technology incorporates risk-based advanced authentication and is FIPS 140-2 encrypted. Featuring role-based authorization, KOLOGIK technology allows users to have access only to the information that their role in your organization permits.

+ Stable

KOLOGIK reliability and stability is second to none. Our technology provides stability in business-critical environments and situations where downtime can cost lives.

+ Fast

Rapid deployment, single sign-on and single point of administration features mean using KOLOGIK technology is easy and quick. Dynamic updates, clustering and load balancing help gather the date you need in real time. KOLOGIK technology generates result returns from hundreds of data sources in seconds.

Additional Features

  • Emergency Command Post Capability
  • Real-time background checks for field officers
  • Robust Search Capabilities
  • Dynamic Field Reporting
  • Critical On-Screen Alerts
  • Instant Messaging
  • Silent Distress Alerts
  • Audible Alerts
  • EIMS Interface, GFIPM and SAML compliant
  • FIPS 140-2 Encrypted
  • Rapid Deployment & Advanced Installation
  • Extensive Library of External Interfaces
  • High-Speed Transaction Processing
  • High Availability & Redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery option
  • Single Sign-On, Single Point of Administration
  • Certification/Role-Based User Authorizations
  • Dynamic Updates
  • API, XML & Web Services Support
  • SNMP Monitoring, Auditing & Reporting
  • Supports High Availability, Clustering & Load Balancing
  • Training & Certification
  • Intelligent Master Query
  • Centralized Administration
  • Dynamic Auto-Updates
  • Smart Forms & Plain-Text Field
  • Descriptions on Forms
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Detailed Logging
  • In-Car Mapping
  • Application Overlaying

Available Benefits

+ Real Time Data

Access complete criminal profiles, dynamic data analysis and distributed searches instantly from local, state and federal data sources.

+ Easier Access

Integrate with existing system to deliver quick access to real time criminal justice information and law enforcement.

+ Unprecedented Flexibility

Link disparate operating systems infrastructure, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types, and data sources.

+ Creates Efficient Workflows

Incorporate proven workflow models that help accomplish goals more effectively, in a timely manner.

+ Easy to Use Interfaces

Customize screens to adapt to business needs and individual preference.

+ Eliminates Confusion

Display data in an easy to use and recognizable format.

Additional Benefits

  • Saves Money, Increases Revenue
  • Retrieves Data from Multiple Sources in a Single Search 
  • Improves Agency Efficiency
  • Dramatically Reduces Errors 
  • Seamless Integration
  • Real-Time Instant Messaging
  • Quick to launch and implement 
  • Federated Search
  • Safety
  • Improves Data Quality
  • Reduces Radio Traffic and Improves Accuracy of Data
  • Facilitates Faster, More Accurate and More Complete Reports
  • Improved Dispatch Efficiency
  • Speeds Access to Vital Information
  • Cost Effective 
  • Saves Time, Saves Lives