Patented KOLOGIK technology makes it possible for multiple sources of intelligence to effectively speak to one another. It allows for the creation of scalable solutions that can securely share private information and provide unfiltered access to multi-layered data. The full spectrum of capabilities and reach is detailed below.


+ Scalable n-Tier Architecture

The system can be up and running almost immediately, from a single jurisdiction data source to the largest law enforcement network systems. It integrates directly with existing databases, Records Management Systems (RMS), Jail Management Systems (JMS) and Case Management Systems (CMS). Each new addition requires hardware, a KOLOGIK integrator, and minor customization to bring the new site into the network.

+ Flexible

You are able to link existing infrastructure from disparate operating systems, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types, and data sources. Our extensive library of external interfaces gives us the flexibility to link all systems into a unified, cohesive network.

+ Secure

Our technology is fully compliant with the FBI Criminal Justice Information System Security Policy standards. It uses risk-based advanced authentication and is FIPS 140-2 encrypted. Featuring role-based authorization, it allows users to have access only to the information that their role in your organization permits.

+ Stable

The stability is not just in business-critical environments, but also in situations where downtime can cost lives. With highest availability, built-in redundancy, and disaster-recovery options, our reliability and stability is second to none.

+ Fast

Our results return from hundreds of data sources in seconds — but it's not just our queries that are fast. Rapid deployment, single sign-on, and a single point of administration mean using it is easy and quick, too. And with our dynamic updates, clustering, and load balancing, the data you need is updated in real time.

Additional Features

  • Single-keystroke access to FBI, State ID & Driver's License numbers
  • Fully Compliant with FBI Criminal Justice Information System
  • Comprehensive Criminal Analysis
  • Easy E-Citation Electronic Entry Forms
  • Emergency Command Post Capability
  • Real-time Background Checks for field officers
  • Clerk of Court System Integration
  • Automatic Payment Tracking
  • Docket Creation
  • Robust Search Capabilities
  • Dynamic Field Reporting
  • Critical On-Screen Alerts
  • Instant Messaging
  • Silent Distress Alerts
  • Audible Alerts
  • FBI CJIS Security Policy Tested & Compliant
  • EIMS Interface, GFIPM and SAML compliant
  • FIPS 140-2 Encrypted
  • Risk-Based Advanced Authentication
  • Rapid Deployment & Advanced Installation
  • Extensive Library of External Interfaces
  • High-Speed Transaction Processing
  • High Availability & Redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery option
  • Single Sign-On, Single Point of Administration
  • Certification/Role-Based User Authorizations
  • Dynamic Updates
  • API, XML & Web Services Support
  • SNMP Monitoring, Auditing & Reporting
  • Supports High Availability, Clustering & Load Balancing
  • Training & Certification
  • Intelligent Master Query
  • Centralized Administration
  • Dynamic Auto-Updates
  • Smart Forms & Plain-Text Field
  • Descriptions on Forms
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Auto-Hit Response
  • Detailed Logging
  • In-Car Mapping

Available Benefits

+ Real-Time Data

Access complete criminal profiles, dynamic data analysis and distributed searches instantly from local, state and federal data sources.

+ Easier Access

Integrate with existing system to deliver quick access to real-time criminal justice information and law enforcement.

+ Unprecedented Flexibility

Link disparate operating systems' infrastructure, network topologies, structured or unstructured data types, and data sources.

+ Creates Efficient Workflows

Incorporate proven workflow models that help accomplish goals more effectively, in a timely manner.

+ Easy-to-Use Interfaces

Customize screens to adapt to business needs and individual preference.

+ Eliminates Confusion

Display data in an easy-to-use and recognizable format.

+ Safety

Access complete, real-time criminal histories from the field without system check delays.

+ Enhances Officer Safety And Public Protection

Improve safety by enabling real time data sharing on-scene.

+ Improves Date Quality

Ensure clean data, minimize paper flow and eliminate data re-entry errors with electronically captured and transmitted information.

+ Reduces Radio Traffic And Improves Accuracy of Data

Access accurate and complete data from a single source.

+ Facilitates Faster, More Accurate and More Complete Reports

Create, share and exchange electronic arrest, crash or incident documentation in automated field reports created one time from one place.

+ Improved Dispatch Efficiency

See the real time location of everyone in the field team on a simple dispatch screen and identify the person in the best position to respond.

+ Speeds Access to Vital Information

Generate results from hundreds of data sources in seconds and update data in real time with dynamic updates, clustering, and load balancing. Rapid deployment, single sign-on, and a single point of administration mean using it is easy and quick, too.

+ Cost-Effective

Save money and increase revenue by continuing to use existing systems and processes to manage data without costly modification or lengthy training.

+ Higher Conviction Rates

Generate accurate data and detailed arrest reports.

+ Saves Time, Saves Lives

Minimize time lapses to access critical data from the field.

Access criminal justice information and law enforcement files quickly through integration with existing systems.

+ Improves Agency Efficiency

Increase arrests by reducing duplicative tasks, redundant paperwork and tedious, time-consuming extra steps to obtain access to information.

+ Dramatically Reduces Errors

Increase accuracy and production by eliminating duplicative steps and processes.

+ Seamless Integration

Add new applications or workflow processes to an existing system without interruption or complication.

+ Real-Time Instant Messaging

Communicate directly and accurately.

+ Quick to Launch and Implement

Access on-site training and 24-7 tech support.

+ Improves Inter-department Efficiency

Enable secure exchange of criminal justice documents and information between law enforcement agencies.

Search multiple data sources simultaneously with a single query request.



KOLOGIK is able to develop solutions to fit any need or service. Our highly advanced team can develop solutions custom to your industry or process.