KOLOGIK creates technology-based public safety solutions for data interoperability by making it possible for multiple sources of intelligence to effectively speak to one another to enhance safety among officers, schools and communities.

Our solution-based approach to business is not only at the root of what we do — it continues to set the standard in the technology industry.

Our Story

Founded to provide safety to officers, schools and communities, Kologik allows our users to share distributed information across multiple platforms. In December of 2015, Kologik purchased Thinkstream Inc.’s technology to create a full scope technology-based solution for data interoperability. Kologik recently acquired COPsync in November of 2017, combining the best of each product line for better public safety.

Our Mission

To ensure safety for officers, schools and communities Kologik was created to provide patented technology for secure data sharing. Our system does so by allowing multiple sources of intelligence to securely access data from wherever they are.

Our Success

Kologik possesses the extremely rare ability to link multiple current data systems into a single, unified network. We are a standard-bearer in the technological industry. Our rapid approach has established us a leading U.S. source of secure data retrieval.

Our Product

Our patented technology enhances the ability of police officers, schools and communities to share data vital to public safety. Our applications include CopSync Mobile, Campus Safe, Computerized Criminal History (CCH), mobile applications for criminal history searches, incident reporting, arrest reports, and CAD-to-CAD. 


Executive Team


Matt Teague

Chief Executive Officer


Paul SAN SoUcie

Chief Operating Officer


Sean Murphy

Vice President Product Development

Cameron Cotrill

Vice President Engineering


Ben Balvin

Chief Architect

John Sullivan

Product Manager COPsync911


Shane Rapp

Regional Sales Manager

Jan Roe

Director of Government Relations


Rob Powell

Technical Service Manager

Employment Opportunities 

In pursuit of our vision to become the nation’s leading provider of secure data retrieved, managed, controlled and stored across multiple servers, KOLOGIK always wants to hear from top professionals interested in joining our team. We thrive on a culture of teamwork and success. Our employees are our greatest assets; therefore, we strive to create a work environment where you can feel valued and productive.