KOLOGIK creates technology-based solutions for data interoperability by making it possible for multiple sources of intelligence to effectively speak to one another.

Our solution-based approach to business is not only at the root of what we do — it continues to set the standard in the technology industry.

The KOLOGIK patented technology gained prominence just after the September 11 attacks when the focus of every industry changed to safety and security. Technology developers began searching for ways multiple databases could talk to one another. Users needed to securely share private information across multiple platforms and to provide access to sensitive information for those trying to keep the world safe.

The following January, we read a local newspaper article about public safety providers’ need for data interoperability. Technology giants IBM and Oracle had tried but could not solve the problem. Our team jumped at the challenge and delivered a scalable database solution in just six weeks. Federal grant money was secured to expand our capabilities even further. The technology attracted more and more attention, and its users soon grew from local public safety departments to those across the state and, then, country.

Today, we are a leading source for secure retrieval of data managed, controlled and stored across multiple servers. The applications for our patented technology are expanding to industries where shared, private data is vital. Our applications are being used throughout the United States. These include E-citations, mobile applications to federate criminal history searches, incident reporting, booking applications, and CAD-to-CAD integration hubs. 

Executive Team

Matt Teague

Chief Executive Officer

Paul SAN SoUcie

Executive Vice President

J. Smith Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Malone

Chief Technical Officer

Employment Opportunities 

In pursuit of our vision to become the nation’s leading provider of secure data retrieved, managed, controlled and stored across multiple servers, KOLOGIK always wants to hear from top professionals interested in joining our team. We thrive on a culture of teamwork and success. Our employees are our greatest assets; therefore, we strive to create a work environment where you can feel valued and productive.

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